domingo, 28 de abril de 2013

Code is uploaded to Sourceforge

Hi folks!

I just uploaded the library with comments and 2 examples to Sourceforge. You have the code here:

As you can see there, I put quite a lot of comments on the Lib file. It should be easy for you follow the code. 

I create 3 classes: 

B_Wheel: Virtual class to deal with any wheel / driver combination. 

Driver_Wheel: Class to deal with wheels commanded by a driver using 2 outputs to define direction and a PWM output.

Platform: Class able to control a 3 omni-wheel platform. This class uses an array of pointers to B_Wheel variables. This way, this class can control any kind of wheels.

I will extend this lib by providing an additional wheel-drive type: Full Rotation Servo like this one of Sparkfun. This way, 99% of wheel-drive combinations were covered.

The To-Do list is quite long: Full rotation Servo, 4 wheel platform, 2 wheel platform (not omni), incorporation of compass to control direction, LIDAR support...

If you have any question or doubt, please put an comment in this page and I will answer you.


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