miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2013

Let's go physical ! (1)

Today, we will start building the platform! The first thing we need is to create an equilateral triangle, this means, a triangle with all their sides having the same length. You can create the platform using any material resistant enough to hold the elements we will mount on it. I suggest you to use wood board. It's cheap, easy to find and also easy to work with.

To cut your triangle, I suggest you to use this diagram. First mark point P0, then draw a line. Mark points P1 and P2 at 17,32 cm left / right of P0 (yes, I know, it's a funny number). Then draw a perpendicular line starting at P0.

Mark the Center Point 10cm away from P0, then P3 20 cm further.Now you can draw the lines joining the points P2 and P3, P1 and P3. Draw the lines P2 - Center and P1 - Center too. This two lines will help you to aling the motor axes later on.

I use a thin wood board, (some 4 mm thick). I cut the board using a medium size cutter and a metallic ruler. I just mark the line with the cutter using the ruler as a support,  using a light pressure on the cutter. I repeat it 3, 4 times using every time a little higher pressure. After this, the line is market and you don't need the ruler. I make the same cut over and over, each time with a higher pressure. After 10, 12 times the cut is done!

This is the result:

As you can see, I cut the corners of  the triangle. We must do it to mount the motor & wheel there. The distance of the cut depends on your motors. In my case, I need a 4 cm cut made in this way:

The final result once everything is mounted in place looks like this:

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