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Installing the main elements

The picture above shows the elements we need to fix on our wood board. Let's start with the motor/wheel.

To fix mechanical elements having not a "clear fixture point", I use metallic perforated band like this one:

I bend it in the form I need. This are probes No1 and 2 for my motors:

After some attends, it is easy to reach nearly perfect results. Here support No. 3:

As you can see, I bend the form that I need, then I saw it out of the strip.
You can purchase ready made supports, if you want. But hey, c'mon, we are makers, aren't we?

Now let's fix the elements on the board. I use metallic screws for the motor, nylon screws for the arduino board and hot glue for the rest of the elements.

I use those screws:

I  mark the holes with a hand drill, then I use a small cordless drill to make the holes. (One day I need to create an entry to describe my tools & workbench...)

We reach this:

Then, I glue the rest of the elements using hot glue. I always use plugs to connect the electronic modules. I'm not rich, so I expect to re-use them in other projects. I glue the plugs on the wood board, then I plug the devices on them. I fixed the Bluetooth modem in this way.

The final picture: 

Now, we must wire the elements, then we will upload some software on the Arduino. Things are getting interesting now... Keep reading!

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